Jun 202012

The Turtle Creek Chamber Orchestra will be offering a strings camp in July to help strings students in the area. The dates of the camp are July 17 to July 19. The times are from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM each day at the River of Life Church in Beloit. Students will learn from members of the Orchestra about techniques and repertoire culminating in two concerts — one on July 19, the other on July 22 — at which they will perform alongside their teachers.

The July 19 concert will take place at the River of Life Church at 6:00 PM.  The July 22 concert will be at the Second Congregational Church at 3:00 PM. Tickets are $15.00 for General Admission or $10.00 for Seniors. Children under 12 are admitted without charge. Tickets may be purchased at the door, or you can call 815-988-9650 or email nieji@beloit.edu.

All proceeds from the concerts, after expenses, will go towards benefiting Project 16:49! Those interested in helping the cause of the homeless should make plans to attend the concert. Be sure to tell your friends and family too.