Make a Referral


If you know a youth in need of assistance:

  1. Please review the following Eligibility Criteria to see if Project 16:49 may be able to help.
  2. Please review the list of Other Helpful Information below to familiarize yourself with the type of information we will attempt to collect.
  3. When you contact us, we will ask a brief series of questions. Please be prepared to share as much information as possible.  If the youth you are referring is able to be with you when you place the call, we will ask to speak with them to arrange an in-person interview. If they are not available when you call, please offer a way for us to contact them.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria will be used to establish eligibility for admission into Project 16:49. Referrals to other appropriate local resources will be provided to those who do not meet the criteria or who will be better served by another agency.

  • Youth is between the ages of 12 and 20, AND
  • Is enrolled in a Rock County school or a GED program, or is eligible and willing to enroll, AND
  • Is homeless, or at severe risk of becoming homeless, AND
  • Is unaccompanied—defined as living without the supervision of a parent, guardian or caregiver.
  • In addition, youth must not be considered a danger to self or others  (i.e., has not expressed signs of suicide or self-harm and/or does not have a history of significant dangerous, destructive, or criminal behavior), AND
  • Youth does not have any known substance abuse issues. Note: This is not an automatic disqualification. Consideration may be given to those who are receiving treatment, or are willing to participate in a treatment program.

Other Helpful Information

In order to expedite services and provide the most appropriate assistance and referrals, we appreciate any additional information you can provide related to the youth’s current situation and any relevant family history, such as:

  • Where the youth is staying overnight/tonight
  • If youth has access to food
  • If youth has any income
  • Who is legally responsible for the youth, and any known contact information
  • If the youth has any children, is currently pregnant, or is caring for siblings
  • If the youth is or has been under supervision of the county/state (CPS, foster care, juvenile justice)
  • Any other agencies from which the youth receives assistance

To make a referral, please call Hannah at (608) 314-4199.