Project 16:49 The Masked Singer


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Thanks for making Project 16:49’s The Masked Singer a huge success!

We want to thank the singers, sponsors, and everyone that made The Masked Singer possible this year! With your help we were able to raise over $22,500 to help Rock County’s unaccompanied homeless youth.

Event Sponsors

  • Ryan Central Inc
  • Educators Credit Union
  • Madelyn Co
  • Mercy Health
  • SSI Technologies
  • Johnson Bank

Additional Supporters

  • Lloyd’s Plumbing and Heating
  • MacFarlane Pheasants
  • Verlo
  • Summit Accounting Services
  • Schwartz and Shea Insurance
  • Medical Grade Aesthetics
  • Why The Fuss? Technology Solutions
  • Joe Jimenez
  • Ken Scott

Congratulations to Val Schnulle and The Frozen Friends from Kennedy Elementary for your winning performance!

Our other masked singers:

  • Al Herbst
  • Sheryl and Chris Hooker
  • Carrie Kulinski
  • Jim Lyke
  • John Nelson
  • Lori Stottler
  • Nicci Tait


View the videos

View The Masked Singer videos

#1 Dr. Hugo Z Hackenbush – Like a Surgeon

#2 Flamingo – Sweet Caroline

#3 Frozen Friends – Do You Want to Have a Party

#4 Just a dude on any given Covid morning – Roll on Slow

#5 Singing Banana – Banana Boat Song

#6 The Huntress – When the Party’s Over

#7 Winning Wizard – Try

#8 Ma and Pa – Home